2019 GSEA Atlantic Competitors

The competitors listed below competed in the 2019 Atlantic Canada Competition. Ross Arsenault took 1st place here in Atlantic Canada and went on to compete at Nationals where he also took home the gold. Ross finished in the top 7 out of the top 50 student entrepreneurs after he competed at the Global competition. Congrats Ross!

Ross arsenault

Regional Champion


Ashored is developing sustainability-enabling technologies to modernize trap fisheries. Annually, 640,000 tons of fishing gear is lost and becomes ocean waste, resulting in 140,000 deaths of protected species annually. Ashored is developing a ropeless fishing system to minimize the risk of whale/animal entanglements and trap loss/damage, while allowing fishers to fish in zones closed to fixed-gear fishing.

nevell provo

2nd Place Runner Up

Smooth Meal Prep

Smooth Meal Prep is a meal preparation service that prepares fresh, healthy meals and deliver them to your door. Not only are the meals delicious and nutritious, but Smooth Meal Prep will also calculate your macro nutrients and calories for you!

Abdullah Alali

3rd Place

Bloxo Inc

Bloxo is a tech start-up that simplifies the process of sport organization and participation. It provides a software platform that brings facilities, organizers, and participants together into one place. With Bloxo, people have an easier time finding sports activities and organizers have an easier time finding participants.

Aditi Dipak Joshi

Atlantic Competition Participant


AJDesign is a Design Agency specializing in Crafting, Interior Design, and Henna – driven by a passion for self-expression through art. The founder of AJDesign, Aditi Dipak Joshi, is a Mehndi (Henna) artist with many years of experience as well as an interior and graphic designer. Her artwork is displayed in RIAC gallery downtown St┬áJohn’s, and her work has been featured in the NEWFOUNDLAND QUARTERLY 2018 edition.